Areishia Spirit Academy Arc is the first story arc in the Bladedance of Elementalers series. It introduces the main character, Kamito Kazehaya, and his adventures in Areishia Spirit Academy prior to the current «Blade Dance» in which Greyworth Ciel Mais has charged him to participate in.


On the order of the headmistress of Areishia Spirit Academy, Kamito Kazehaya was sent to the aforementioned academy for training before participating in the Blade Dance, held two months after his transfer. The letter written by Greyworth mentions that Kamito's former contracted spirit is alive and Kamito was to transfer into Areishia Spirit Academy to begin training for the Blade Dance.[1]


Meeting Claire RougeEdit

The Sealed Sword SpiritEdit

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The Return of the Strongest Blade DancerEdit

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The Midnight Blade DanceEdit

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The Battle in Academy TownEdit

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The Battle Royale Blade DanceEdit

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