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The Demonic Holy Sword of Resonance (共鳴の聖魔剣, Kyōmei no Seimaken?) is the twentieth and final installment in the Bladedance of Elementalers light novel series, published on March 25, 2019.

Summary Edit



Chapter 1 - Darkness Elemental LordEdit

Chapter 2 - CounterattackEdit

Chapter 3 - The Demon King's Darkness KaguraEdit

Chapter 4 - ConvergenceEdit

Chapter 5 - Chaotic Aerial BattleEdit

Chapter 6 - Decisive Battle at the Holy CapitalEdit

Chapter 7 - Two Sacred SwordsEdit

Chapter 8 - Princess Maiden's PrayerEdit

Chapter 9 - True ForceEdit

Final Chapter - Return to the AcademyEdit




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