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Claire Elstein (クレア・エルステイン, Kurea Erusutain?) is one of the main heroines of Bladedance of Elementalers and the first heroine Kamito Kazehaya meets. Due to her dark past, Claire enters Areishia Spirit Academy under the alias of Claire Rouge (クレア・ルージュ, Kurea Rūju?) to hide her true identity. She is the daughter of the Elstein Duke family and the younger sister of the Calamity Queen who laid havoc on the Ordesia Empire four years prior to the start of the story. As a result, Claire became the leader of «Team Scarlet» to participate in the «Blade Dance» and find out once and for all, the truth behind her sister's actions.


Claire is an exceptionally beautiful girl. A distinct feature of her is her blazing-like crimson hair, which is usually done up in a pair of twin pigtails. She has imposing ruby eyes and cherry-colored lips. Her bust size is on the small side, but according to Kamito, her proportions are well balanced. She usually wears the school-issued uniform for Areishia Spirit Academy which consists of a sailor suit.


She was the second daughter of the Elstein Duke family, the grand nobles who had served the royal family for generations ever since the founding of the Ordesia Empire. Four years prior to the start of the story, her elder sister, Rubia Elstein, the Queen serving under the fire Elemental Lord, snatched the strongest flame spirit «Laevateinn» and disappeared, resulting in her bringing calamity and chaos to the Ordesia Empire. Outraged, the Fire Elemental Lord burned everything related to the Elstein territory. After that incident, the incinerated former Elstein territory has been seized and the duke and his wife imprisoned in the Balsas prison. Although they did not send Claire herself to prison, they demanded that Claire return «Scarlet» to the imperial family. However, Greyworth protected her, saying that Claire would become an excellent elementalist at her academy.[citation needed]

After Claire accepted Greyworth's offer, she cast away the Elstein family name and attended Areishia Spirit Academy with the alias, Claire Rouge. She decided to get stronger to win the Blade Dance festival for the sake of her one desired wish to meet her sister and hear the truth straight from her lips.


  • She is the first girl beside Restia to kiss Kamito Kazehaya.[4]
  • Products made from peach are her favorite food.
  • Her birthday is known to be on the same day as the Valentia Holy Festival.[5]


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