Laevateinn is the strongest flame spirit.


Rubia Elstein stole it from its shrine when she was still the Fire Queen and suddenly disappeared. This angered the Fire Elemental Lord who punished the people by burning their land and making them unable to use fire magic. This event led to the fall of the Elstein house.


Being the strongest flame spirit it holds extremely powerful flames. It emits so much power that, when in Elemental Waffe form, the landscape around it begins to melt.

Trivia Edit

  • Laevateinn is a legendary sword from norse mythology.
    • It may have been the sword of the Vanir god Frey, whose blade was said to be able to fight on its own so long as its user was "wise", Frey accordingly had to give the sword up when he fell in love and started acting in a decidedly "unwise" manner.
    • Surtr, the fire giant who ultimately kills, and is also killed by, Frey in Ragnarok, is often believed to be using Frey's own sword to do it, which might explain Laevateinn's association with fire in this series.