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Spirits pass the astral gate connecting Astral Zero to the human world.

Amongst the highest ranking spirits, there exist those who maintain human form.

The spirits that are summoned and those that are formed upon being summoned are separated into two types:

  • A lump of divine power: mass-less and without form. However, it serves as a battery when paired with Spirit magic.
  • The pure form: This is where a part of the Spirits existence is summoned.

Areishia Spirit Academy contracted spiritsEdit

Name Form Ability Attribute Elemental Waffe Weapon Contractor
Scarlet or Ortlinde Cat, Young girl (true form) Fire Flame Tongue Whip Claire
Terminus Est Young girl Destroy curses Steel Demon Slayer/Demon King Killing Sacred Sword Sword Kamito
Restia Young girl Darkness Vorpal Sword Sword Kamito
Simorgh Eagle Wind Ray Hawk Spear Ellis
Fenrir Wolf Ice Freezing Arrow Bow Rinslet
Georgios Knight Holy Save The Queen Rapier Fianna
Magna Carta Spirit Gem Singular Holy Attack Holy - - Fianna
Cabracan Giant covered in rocks Earth Rock Breaker Hammer Rakka
N/A Ice N/A Ice sword Reishia
Adamantine Gigantic ore High fire resistance None N/A Senior
Magic Mirror Sphere Reflection of attribute attacks None N/A Senior
Kuraste Carapace High fire resistance None Breaker Arm Armor Wolverine student
Cernunnos Beast swarm None N/A Druid girl
Dreadnought Fortress Earth Silent Fortress Armor/Aerial fortress Velsaria
Void N/A Darkness Storm Bringer Sword Greyworth Ciel Mais
Dīs Pater Grim Reaper Steal Souls Darkness N/A Greyworth Ciel Mais
Vlad Dracul N/A N/A Greyworth Ciel Mais


Name Form Ability Attribute Elemental Waffe Contractor
Gespenst Fog-like Possession Darkness - Restia gave it to Claire
Laevateinn Archdemon Fire «Muspelheim» (sword) Rubia Elstein
Baldanders Humanoid puppet Transform to other person, use their skills and spirits Proteus Masques (white mask) Sjora Kahn
Titania Demon tree Paralysis poison Earth N/A Lily Flame
Death Gaze Stingray - - Muir Alenstarl
Scylla Water tentacles - - Muir Alenstarl
Tiamat Five heads dragon Control over 5 elements - Muir Alenstarl
Colossus Giant - - Muir Alenstarl
Garuda - - Muir Alenstarl
Valaraukar Flame demon - - Muir Alenstarl
Blast Gear Ripping thunder - Lightning - Jio Inzagi
Falchion Sword - None - Jio Inzagi
Aerial Wind lump - Wind - Jio Inzagi
Shining Ray Light spear - Lightning - Jio Inzagi
Mirror Wall Red Mirror - None - Jio Inzagi
Rafflesia Purple smog - Poison - Jio Inzagi
Gladius Sword - None - Jio Inzagi
Argos Cones of rocks - Earth - Jio Inzagi
Thanatos Black fog - Darkness - Jio Inzagi
Barguest Lava hound - Fire - Jio Inzagi
Aegis Shield - None - Jio Inzagi
Nebuchadnezzar Control spirits - Jio Inzagi
Wolf Fang Wolf - - Jio Inzagi
Nidhogg Black dragon High resistance against magical attacks Dragon slayer «Balmung» (sword) Leonora Lancaster
Lindwyrm Flying dragon High resistance against magical attacks (halberd) Yuri El Cid
Crusaders Massive number of holy knights - Holy - Milla Bassett
White Tiger Divine Beast - - Divine Tiger Fangs (Pair of gauntlets) Shao Fu
Azure Dragon Divine Beast - Water Azure Dragon Blade (Broad sword) Rao Rin
Black Tortoise Divine Beast - Earth (shield) Hakua
Vermillion Bird Flaming demonic bird - Fire (club) Rion Sharma
Kirin Divine Beast Amplifies the user's power Holy Seraphim Feathers (robe) Linfa Sin Quina
Gargoyle Stone goblin N/A Kingdom of Balstan team
Sacred sword Holy Murgleis Luminaris Saint Leisched
Shadewolf Legion Spirit Shadow N/A Ayla Cedar
Morningstar N/A Alda Reed
Legion Bats (battle axe) Sacred Spirit Knights team
Guilty Snatch Chains Sacred Spirit Knights team
Grendel Giant Sacred Spirit Knights team
Isengard Fortress Earth Great wall Sacred Spirit Knights team
Glasya-Labolas Giant - - Made frenzy by Restia
Jormungandr - Sealed in Mine Town Gado
Dryad Tree - Earth - Live in Astral Zero forest